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With an Ultimate Air Ride suspension setup, you can expect your truck to ride more like a half-ton vehicle and haul like a 1-ton vehicle.

Firestone rates the life of their air springs at 10 years. They are very durable units and are typically trouble free over their lifetime.

Air springs typically don’t leak. If they do, however, it is usually very small and slow to leak. In such cases, Ultimate Air Ride suspensions are designed to be lowered down safely without coming in contact with the truck or any of its components, given the proper tire size is being ran with the proper kit. The air springs have a built-in, internal bump stop to allow a firm yet manageable ride if they must be driven in this mode.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty. If one of your brackets fails in any way, we will replace it for the lifetime of the truck as long as you are the original owner. Exclusions apply, including contact failure from rocks, terrain, etc., or from a motor vehicle accident.

Ultimate Air Ride specializes in larger lifted truck and wheel combinations with impressive performance. Our suspensions allow you to haul and tow in a leveled, controlled, and practical manner that will increase your confidence on the road.

Our air suspensions are specifically designed and tested to uphold against all kinds of off-road environments, terrain, and even weather. We want you to confidently take our systems down the road less traveled, and we produce them as such. Short of pre-running the Baja (although we’re working on it), you can take it anywhere!

We strive to make it as easy as possible to install for a qualified shop. Our suspension kits are almost completely bolt-on ready and use factory holes in over 95 percent of their attachment points. Certain suspensions do require some minor cutting of factory brackets. Occasional grinding of tabs and other minor areas is also needed. However, no welding is ever required.